ESCO - multilingual classification of European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations 


EU Immigration Portal


EUNET - European Network for Education and Training

EUNomad – European Network on Migrations and Development


EURES - The EURES platform helps jobseekers to move abroad by finding a job in Europe.

Europass is a European Union initiative to increase transparency of qualification and mobility of citizens in Europe.[1] It aims to make a person's skills and qualifications clearly understood throughout Europe. The five Europass documents are the Curriculum Vitae, Language Passport, Europass Mobility, Certificate Supplement, and Diploma Supplement, sharing a common brand name and logo. Since 2012 individuals have been able to assemble all Europass documents in the European Skills Passport.


European Asylum Support Office


European Commission, Directorate-General Migration and Home Affairs


European Council on Refugees and Exiles


European dialogue on skills and Migration 


European Migration Law


European Migration Network


European network against racism 


European Web Site on Integration


Information on work & retirement in Europe


JMDI - The Joint Migration and Development Initiative


Migration policy group


Migration Policy Institute


Network migration in Europe

Network of European rights- and value-based civil society organisations working in the social sector


Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants


Valorize high skilled migrants (Erasmus+ Project)


World Higher Education Data Base