The LIGHTHOUSE Platform designed as open educational resource, in English and partners‘ languages, will offer the following products (to be) developed during the project life:

State of the Art Report

to provide a clear understanding, about the context and situation of the career guidance and counselling services for migrants, both at national and European level, by identifying barriers, obstacles, opportunities and needs and making useful recommendations to guide the methodological implementation of the LIGHTHOUSE


 Download State of the Art Report (EN)

LIGHTHOUSE Interactive Model

to introduce and guide the beneficiaries through the open space created to offer tailored counselling and career guidance for migrants in the areas of recognition, training, employment and mobility


Download LIGHTHOUSE_Model (EN)

LIGHTHOUSE Training Curriculum

an ECVET-based tool designed to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and competences of the professionals to implement the LIGHTHOUSE model and provide counselling and career guidance to migrants


Download LIGHTHOUSE_Training Curriculum (EN)


to provide in depth information on the theoretical foundations of the LIGHTHOUSE model and its innovative strategies and techniques for career guidance and counselling to migrants

Download LIGHTHOUSE_Guidebook (EN)


to deliver key recommendations for further implementation of the LIGHTHOUSE model for career guidance for migrants.

Download LIGHTHOUSE_Guidelines (EN)


to equip professionals working at career guidance and counselling services for migrants with a set of innovative methods and practical resources for the implementation of LIGHTHOUSE in their own organisations, services and daily practice

Download LIGHTHOUSE_Toolbox (EN)

LIGHTHOUSE Didactic Film

an attractive pedagogical tool to give visibility and engage the organisations, professionals and migrants for the innovativeness and add value of the LIGHTHOUSE contents