The LIGHTHOUSE INTERACTIVE MODEL is structured as an interactive open space created to offer tailored counselling and career guidance for migrants, with four zones:  




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This zone is the welcome hall of the house and will offer personalised services for registration, initial interview and application of tailored tools for the recognition of prior learning, aiming the development of the LIGHTHOUSE PERSONAL ROADMAP to define the individual path in the next zone(s).


This zone is linked with the lifelong learning (LLL) programmes and will offer a comprehensive guidance through different learning solutions for skills development and upskilling, aiming the definition of the LIGHTHOUSE LLL PLAN.


This zone will offer vocational assessment and career guidance, including the development of the Europass, simulation of job interview and access to a database of resources and job offers, as well as access to the LIGHTHOUSE JOB-GUIDE with step-by-step descriptions and practical tips.


This zone will analyse the possibility of a new mobility, inside the country, for a new country or back to home country, as a path for work and/or learning, aiming to keep open different options and build up the MOBILITY PASSPORT containing useful information.