Labour and skill shortages will rise in the European countries over the next decade, challenging economic growth prospects. Against this background, the improvement of the labour market outcomes of immigrants in their European receiving countries is a central issue to be addressed, in order to ensure that the potential of immigrants’ skills for Europe’s economic growth is fully tapped. In this frame, the provision of coordinated lifelong learning and employability guidance is of growing importance in all Member States. Many European countries have set up public access points that integrate different learning services such as the validation of prior learning and career guidance, and offer to provide tailored learning programmes to individual learners. However, a tailored and interactive solution to offer counselling and career guidance for migrants and contribution for their valorisation and better integration in the European labour market is still not a reality in many Member States. 


LIGHTHOUSE intends to establish an innovative model and tools for supporting lifelong learning and career paths for migrants by tailored counselling and recognition of prior learning to improve skills, employability and mobility, drawn from the combination of two successful frameworks: the Austrian model LOT-House (learning, orienting, trying-doing), developed by the Austrian project partner, BEST; and the well-established French system for the recognition of non-formal and informal learning.

From September 2014 till August 2017, a consortium of seven partners from Spain, Norway, Greece, France, Cyprus and Austria, with relevant know-how and expertise, will be responsible for the project implementation.

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